Welcome fellow dirt people

This site is for us dirt people. I hope you feel at home here. I’m going to talk straight, hope you will too. I’m into winning. Hope you are too.

Us dirt people are ignored, sullied, spat upon, used, robbed, maligned, disenfranchised, what have you, and now there’s those who want to Kulak us, white genocide, pogrom and whatever. Right, go ahead motherfuckers, try us. We are the kind of people who put up with trespasses on our persons, property, prosperity and liberty, but once we get that bone in our teeth we are the most ruthless motherfuckers ever walked God’s green Earth.

But in our regular state us dirt people we are a good bunch of people, we make the world work, we are the glue that holds this crazy world run by greedy power hungry elitist anarchists from busting at it’s seems. We are the producers, the industrious, the inventors, we are who create prosperity, freedom and liberty, we put our best foot forward and set or minds to it. And we are the real and only legitimate power in this here Republic, regardless of what anyone or anything says. BFYTW.

BFYTW stands for Because Fuck You Thats Why.

Sure it is coarse, and vulgar expression, it should be. Lets not bullshit ourselves about anything here, starting with BFYTW. In order to save the beauty and vitality of the West, we as Men of The West must retain aspects of the Warrior, honor, duty, virtue, principles, ideals, they are a absolute prerequisite, but the fighter in us, he is what will lead us to victory, he will bring us back, not from battle, but from the precipice of slow genocide. We face a barbarian movement of people who are nothing more than a human extinction movement, aka cultural marxists, a deranged sub human cult, bent on destruction of our legacy, our traditions, our way of life, traditions hard learned and long held for good and righteous reasons, our faith, our very race of Men of The West. We can not loose, we have audacity, a certain motive power that is undeniable.

Pepe is more than a meme, he stands for something, lots of things. Read up on Kek. You will see why. You will find Pepe all in and out and through stuff on here. O’l Pepe is a pretty good guy, a dirt person in a prophetic allegoric guise. Pepe is a mind fuck for the cultural marxist scum.

Here are a few pieces relative in each their own to dirt people, Pepe, ALT-Right, the fourth turning, Hard-Right, the whole Zeitgeist of Men of The West:

How deep the Deep State is from those who exposed the truth nobody will listen to.Zman –

The Political Class Murders Itself


Zmans sublime series of pieces on the dirt people

Robert Gore’s excellent high five to the dirt people: The Useful and The Useless





I’m into everything. Love to make shit. Mostly I’m a metal guy, with enough knowledge and experience in other hand crafts to get into trouble, but I never quit, and if it is said it can’t be done, usually there’s a way, because will, and perseverance, always a way out or into something. You just got to give it a good think, and figure it out. Not much is impossible. That’s a personal state of mind right there. Carries a dirt person far.

I’ll do my best to be eclectic and practical about ideas, skills, trades, techniques, culture, fun, war, living, dying, fighting and laughing, about the great creator, about critical thinking, and about all the good shit and good shits in this world. Hope you do too.

The only way we make it in this crazy world is together. Us dirt people must stick together.


Fletchers Ridge West by God Virginia






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